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August 15, 2018 / by Damien Kennedy

Are All Upvc Window Keys The Same

Replacement Windows

In some cases the spindle bar from the window handle can end up being detached. This will make look like the window lock is broken, when in reality it is the window handle. Some windows likewise boastProtected by Design'accreditation, an initiative to minimize criminal offense through safe glazing, backed by the UK Cops.

Sash Stops

The primary types installed are revealed below, Sash Stops are fitted to the outer sash window on the frame, more uPVC window details at uPVC Windows Belfast (upvcwindows-belfast.uk). You can fit one right on top of the inner frame and avoid the window from moving at all.

Wooden Sash Windows

You can get various types of locks that fit on sash windows. The Quadrant Sash Window Fastener is installed half on the outdoors sash window and half on the inside sash window.

Wooden Casement Windows

Wood casement windows are the windows that are hinged either on the side or top and open outward.

Casement Window Locks

Above are a several kinds of auto locking wood sash window locks.

Have You Just Moved Into A Property And You Have No Window Key Or Has Your Tenant Lost The Key?

We can provide you with a master key for your window manage.

Internally Beaded Windows

The very first thing to do is remove the window handle from the window. Also often the small push button lock in the window handle can be broken or locked. Tilt and turn windows can have two opening positions.

Belfast Sash Fastener

You can fit one right on top of the inner frame and prevent the window from moving at all.

Wooden Casement Windows

Completely reversible windows open in the exact same way as revealed for casement windows.